Board of Health


Responsible for implementing a wide range of public health initiatives, the Board of Health is the foundation of Oradell's Health Department. This group monitors the activities of the part-time Sanitary Inspector, who inspects all businesses that handle food, inspects vending machines, and investigates any health-related complaints.

It also oversees the work of the Public Health Nurse, who administers Oradell's Health Consultation Program (see sidebar) and runs an annual Board of Health-sponsored flu clinic for seniors and those with chronic illnesses. The Sanitary Inspector and the Public Health Nurse are both employed by contract with the Bergen County Department of Health Services.

Oradell's Board of Health consists of seven members and two alternate members. The members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Council in accordance with Chapter 34 of the Borough Code. Each member and alternate member of the Board of Health serves a three-year term, commencing on the first day of January of the year of appointment. Vacancies are filled for the balance of unexpired terms only.

The Board of Health meets at Borough Hall on the second Monday of the month, except July and August, to review the activities of the Health Department. The meetings are open to the public.

Board Members

NameTitleTerm Expires
Catherine Yaxley-Schmidt

Chair (CPA, RN)


Janet Schneider

Member (RD)


Kathleen Diciedue

Member (DNP, RN-BC)


Donna Viscardi

Vice Chair


Mary Battaglia

Secretary (CMS-CHT)


Nicole Chiarello-Alverez



Karen DePol

Alternate #1


Craig Froonjian

Alternate #2 (Dr.)


Jonathan Kern

Council Liaison