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Library Board of Trustees

Among other things, Oradell Free Public Library's Board of Trustees is charged with supporting the growth of library services, working on behalf of the community to establish policies and procedures, helping to produce the best library service possible for the community's needs, and striving to obtain satisfactory financial support for the library.

The Board of Trustees meets on the second Wednesday of the month in the library's ground floor conference room at 7:30 p.m. Meetings are open to the public.


Members of the Library Board of Trustees

  Board Member Position Term of Office
  John Trause Library Director / Non-Voting Participant n/a
  Sheila Sterling President 12/31/20
  Eileen Gabriele First Vice-President 12/31/24
  Jim Lessersohn Second Vice-President 12/31/22
  Claire Beslow Secretary 12/31/22
  Anne Sullivan Treasurer 12/31/22
  Joseph Colella Member 12/31/23
  Susan Jung Member 12/31/22
  Miriam Yu Council Liaison 12/31/20
  Eric Mangol Alternate for Superintendent 12/31/20


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