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     Please note: Forms marked "For Reference Only" must be completed in triplicate. When needed, please
     contact the appropriate department to receive the carbon copy forms for official use.

Borough Clerk
OPRA FORM2020 (pdf)
Block Party Request Form (pdf)
Employment Application (pdf)
No-Knock Registration Form (pdf)
Building Department
When and Why Do I Need a Building Permit or Zoning Permit Approval (pdf)
Office Procedures for Permit Processing (pdf)
Zoning Permit Review Application (pdf)
Certificate of Continued Occupancy Business (pdf)
Certificate of Continued Occupancy - Residential (pdf)
CCO-1&2 Family- Smoke Detector,Co Detector,Fire Extinguisher Requirements (pdf)
Contractor Registration Form (pdf)
Demolition Requirements (pdf)
Driveway,Sidewalk,Curb,Apron - Fence - Sign Application (pdf)
Dumpster-POD-Temp Toilet Permit App (pdf)
Garage SalePermit App (pdf)
Generator Installation Permit Requirements (pdf)
Landlord and Tenant Registration (pdf)
Outdoor Cafe - Application (pdf)
Planning Board for Development Review Application (pdf)
Plumbing Inspection Notice-Temporary-COVID19 (pdf)
Real Estate Sign Permit (pdf)
Right of Way Opening Permit (pdf)
Soil Moving Application-Fillable-Checklist-W-9 Form
Survey-Final-Asbuilt General Requirements (pdf)
Swimming Pools - Inground-Onground - Approval Requirements 2020 (pdf)
Swimming Pools-Ponds - Boro Code - 240-7 11 (pdf)
Swimming Pool - Barrier Code - ISPSC Chpt 3-305-2018-Amended (pdf)
Swimming Pool - Onground - ISPSC 2018 - Chpt 7--7-20-2020 (pdf)
Swimming Pool - IRC NJ 2018-Definitions-ISPSC Amendments 2018 (pdf)
Construction Permit Requirements (pdf)
CONSTRUCTION PERMIT APP-Jacket-ucc_f100_cpa (pdf)
BUILDING SUBCODE Tech Sec-ucc_f110_bldg (pdf)
ELECTRICAL SUBCODE Tech Sec-ucc_f120_elec (pdf)
PLUMBING SUBCODE Tech Sec-ucc_f130_plumb (pdf)
FIRE PROTECTION SUBCODE Tech Sec-ucc_f140_fire_prot (pdf)
MECHANICAL INSPECTION Tech Sec-ucc_f145_mech_insp (pdf)
CHIMNEY VERIFICATION for Replacement of Fuled-Fire Equipment-ucc_f370_chim_cert (pdf)
FRAMING CHECKLIST-ucc_f390_framing_chklst (pdf)
VARIATION APPLICATION-ucc_f160_app_for_var (pdf)
CERT IN LIEU OF OATH-w_owners_signcertif (pdf)
CERTIFICATE APPLICATION-CO-TCO-ucc_f270_cert_app (pdf)
FIRE SPRINKLER HYDRAULIC DATA PLATE-ucc_f380_hydr_data_plate (pdf)
DACT-MFVN-VERIFICATION FORM-ucc_f391_dact_mfvn_ver (pdf)
Department of Public Works
Mobile Sound Stage Request Form (pdf)

Fire Prevention Bureau
Solar Panel Registration Form (pdf)
Battery Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Test Form (pdf)
Emergency Contact Form (pdf)
Exit & Emergency Light Test Form (pdf)
Fire Permit Application (pdf)

Health Department
Directions and Application for obtaining a copy of a Vital Record
Animal License Application (pdf)
Application for Food Related Business License (pdf)
Directions and Application for Marriage License (pdf)
Health Permit for Temporary Event with Food (pdf)
Salon License Application (pdf)
Vending License Application (pdf)

Oradell Public Television
Community Bulletin Board Announcement Request Form (pdf)

Public Safety
Alarm System Registration (pdf)
Oradell Police Department Bicycle Registration Form
Oradell Police Department Statement Form (pdf)

Recreation Department
Tennis Registration (pdf)
Oradell Recreation Facility Use Application (pdf)

Tax Assessor's Office
Disabled Veteran's Exemption Form (pdf)
Senior Citizen Tax Deduction Form (pdf)
Veteran's Property Tax Deduction Form (pdf)

Tax Office
Significant User Charge Appeal Process Blank Date (pdf)
ACH Bank Draft Program to Pay Property Taxes (pdf)
Property Change Form (pdf)
Property Tax Reimbursement (Senior Freeze) Forms