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OPTV (Oradell Public TV) is a Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) cable station carried on Cablevision Channel 77 and Verizon Channel 28.† We bring you live broadcasts and replays of municipal meetings,† special events such as the Independence Day and Memorial Day parades.† The lively community bulletin board keeps residents current on whatís going on in Oradell and beyond.† OPTV also provides a wide spectrum of original programming from the northeast region as well as classic movies.

OPTV is a genuine television station right in our Borough, and that requires equipment, upkeep and staff.† So what makes it work?††Volunteers do!† The municipal Video Committee members and other volunteers from many walks of life contribute to bring you the best that public access TV has to offer.† And YOU can help!† Volunteering at OPTV requires no special talents, so if you donít have a broadcast background thatís not a problem at all.† Our friendly committee members will show you everything you need to know.† Itís rewarding and funÖ wonít you volunteer to help OPTV?

This is a very exciting time for OPTV.† We are currently working to produce our own original programming in the future and, even if you don't volunteer at the station, you can still be part of it.† In the coming weeks OPTV will issue a questionnaire wherein you can give us your thoughts and ideas regarding what you watch and what youíd like to see on your cable access channel.


Council Liaison: Miriam Yu
Email: [email protected]

Program Notes:

7 pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday:  "Meet Your Oradell Neighbors" interview with County Executive Jim Tedesco, Oradell resident, Julia Orlando (Director of Bergen HHS Center), and AJ Luna (Director of Veteran Services for Bergen County).  All three guests discuss Bergen County's success in achieving zero homelessness, particularly for veterans.

12 noon Saturday & Sunday:  Oradell Planning Board meeting from July 9, 2018 includes a discussion of the Master Plan draft.

If you missed a municipal meeting or want to watch one again, access video-on-demand (VOD) from the Oradell home page.  Click on "OPTV" and scroll down to "Videos."

In addition to Verizon FIOS channel 28 and Optimum channel 77, streaming of OPTV's 24/7 programming is also available via any PC or mobile device with internet capability, anywhere.  Click on "OPTV" from the home page then click "OPTV Live Stream" at top left.

If your church or community group is having an event, let us know so that we can include it in our Bulletin Board.  Email [email protected].

We value our volunteers!  If being part of a TV crew sounds interesting, please consider volunteering at OPTV.  No prior broadcast experience is necessary.  OPTV crew members range in age from teens to seniors and we all have a lot of fun!  You can help OPTV continue to fulfill our Mission to bring the best local programming and information to our community.  Call us at 201-649-9275 (leave a voice message) or email [email protected]