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 Borough Clerk

The Borough Clerk's office oversees a variety of essential administrative functions.

Appointed by the Mayor and Council, the Borough Clerk serves as Secretary to the governing body, preparing meeting agendas, recording the minutes of Mayor and Council meetings, and processing resolutions and ordinances adopted by the Council pursuant to State statutes.

The Borough Clerk also acts as Assessment Search Official, Custodian of the Municipal Seal, and Election Official. Election-related duties include accepting voter registration applications, issuing and receiving nominating petitions for Borough elected positions, conducting local elections, and certifying election results.

The Borough Clerk maintains custody of all minutes, books, bonds, contracts, and archival records of the Borough and acts as a liaison to the public, correspondent on behalf of the Governing Body, and representative of the Borough's interests in relations with federal, state, and local units of government.

As the Custodian of Records, all OPRA requests (except for Police OPRA requests) need to be submitted to the Borough Clerk, whom will then assign the request to the appropriate department. 

Licenses for raffles and bingo, limousines, towing, and various annual liquor licenses are issued through the Borough Clerk's office. The office also files grant applications on behalf of the Borough and notarizes documents for Oradell residents at no charge. Documents can be notarized at a nominal charge for non-residents.

Laura J. Lyons
Borough Administrator, CPM, RMC, RPPO
Borough Clerk
Phone: 201-261-8200, ext. 246
Fax: 201-261-6906
E-mail: [email protected] 

Melissa Presta
Deputy Borough Clerk
Phone: 201-261-8200, ext. 249,
E-mail: [email protected]


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