Recreation Committee

Established by Chapter 170 of Oradell's Borough Codes, the Recreation Committee develops and maintains guidelines, policies, and procedures that govern the use of the Borough's playgrounds and recreational facilities. The committee updates these guidelines, policies, and procedures as residents' recreational usage and needs evolve, and it communicates with sports leagues and other stakeholders to educate them about policies and to promote compliance and cooperation.

The Recreation Committee also advises administrative and elected officials on important matters pertaining to Oradell's playgrounds and recreational facilities—including maintence and renovation needs—and supports the Recreation Director in preparing the Recreation Department's annual budget. It is dedicated to safeguarding the town's investments in athletic fields and facilities, and to protecting and preserving them for current and future generations.

In 2019, the Recreation Committee will meet on the first Thursday of the month at 7:30 p.m. (July meeting will be held on July 11th) in the Caucus Room of Borough Hall. Meetings are open to the public and new members are always welcome.

John Magliula chairs the committee. Councilman Robert Jannicelli, serves as the Council liaison.

More Information
Click below to view important recreation information, policies, and procedures, and forms via the Recreation Department Web page.