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Tax Payment Information

Mark Your Calendar:
Tax Payment Due Dates

Tax payments are due on or before the following dates:

  • August 1st
  • November 1st
  • February 1st
  • May 1st

Your Tax Bill
Tax bills are mailed to mortgage companies and the property owner. Those owners whose mortgage companies escrow their taxes should receive a bill marked: "THIS IS NOT A BILL. FOR ADVICE ONLY."

If you receive the original tax bill but have a mortgage company, please forward your tax bill to your mortgage company directly. When your mortgage is satisfied, you may use the "ADVICE" bill to make payments.

The tax bill reflects any deductions for that year and carries the full amount
due for the year. 

Added assessment tax bills are mailed in October, with payments due
on or before November 1st, February 1st, and May 1st.  Thereafter, the added assessment is incorporated into the annual tax bill.

Submitting Tax Payments
You can pay your tax bill by mail with a check, by direct withdrawal, in person using a check or cash or on-line on this website.  Please make all checks payable to: Borough of Oradell. A direct withdrawal form is available in this website's online Forms Directory . Simply complete the ACH form and return it to the Tax Office with a cancelled check at least one month prior to the due date.

When paying by mail, please send your check with the appropriate stub from the bill to:

Tax Collector
Borough of Oradell
355 Kinderkamack Road
Oradell, New Jersey 07649

Please note: There is an after-hours mailbox located by Borough Hall's rear doors. Tax payments may be deposited here during or after Borough Hall business hours. Receipts for tax payments by mail will be provided only if you include a stamped self-addressed return envelope.

Payment must be received in the Tax Office by the 10th to avoid interest charges. Postmarks are not accepted.

Delinquent Payments
Paying taxes when due not only benefits taxpayers, but the Borough of Oradell, too. Delinquencies past the grace period are charged as follows:

•    Tax amount of up to $1,500.00 @ 8% interest.
•    Tax amount over $1,500.00 @ 18% interest.
•    Any delinquency over $10,000.00, as of December 31st of each year, is charged an extra 6% year-end penalty.

Tax Sales
Each year a tax sale is held on properties that have delinquencies from the prior year for property taxes, added assessments, special assessments, or excess sewer charges. In accordance with New Jersey state statutes, the tax sale may be held after January 1st of the year following the delinquency. For four weeks prior to the sale, a public advertisement is placed in the local newspaper.